What is the First Investment Bonus?

What is the First Investment Bonus?

First investment bonus is a type of promotion offered by online betting and casino sites to attract new members and direct them to their platforms. This bonus is an incentive or reward given when the user deposits money to the site for the first time. In this article, we will examine in depth what the first investment bonus is, its advantages, risks and points to consider.

Definition of First Investment Bonus

First investment bonus is a type of promotion that a user can encounter when he deposits money to a particular online platform for the first time. This bonus is usually given as a percentage of the deposited amount. For example, if a site offers a 100% first investment bonus, when you deposit 100 TL, an extra 100 TL will be added to your account as a bonus.


  1. More Gaming Opportunities: Thanks to the first investment bonus, you have the chance to play games or bet with a balance greater than the amount you deposited.
  2. Low Risk: Thanks to the first investment bonus, users get the chance to try the platform without risking their own money.
  3. Freedom: Bonuses can be used in different games or bets, so users have the freedom to explore different features of the platform.

Risks and Disadvantages

  1. Wandering Conditions: The biggest disadvantage of these types of bonuses is that they usually have strict wagering requirements. This means that you must bet a certain amount to be able to withdraw the bonus and/or winnings generated by the bonus.
  2. Maximum Earning Limit: There is usually a maximum limit for earnings obtained with first investment bonuses.
  3. Validity Period: Your bonus and/or free spins may need to be used within a certain period of time, otherwise they may expire.
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